What Should Your Book Be About?

If you know your audience, researching topics won’t be hard. One way to research topics is to go straight to your audience and ask them what they want to know. Almost any “How to” or informative idea can be turned into a book.

 Researching Topics – Ask your audience what they need to know. Ask them what their burning questions are. Any question that they have can be made into a book. If you have yet to build your own audience, you can also use your competition’s audience to conduct this same research by participating in discussion groups, attending webinars, and even by reading their emails that they send to their audience. You can find ideas everywhere.

 Picking the Right Topic – Once you’ve conducted your research, determine what’s most important for your audience to know based on whether you want to start with beginner information or advanced. If you start with beginner information, you’ll have a lot more to work with for more books down the line. The best way to choose is to find out where most of your audience happens to be in their learning process.


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