Webinars are web-based seminars that are viewed by participants
over the internet. They are often referred to as online workshops or
online seminars. Webinars have many uses. For instance; building a
brand, generating sales, attracting prospects, training groups of
people, holding press conferences, corporate announcements and
focus groups

Webinars are very similar to conference
based seminars; the only difference is that
the participants listen to audio and view
the presentation in their web browser.
The main benefit of a webinar is the
interactive element, which is the ability to
discuss, give and receive information. It
differs from a “webcast” which doesn’t
allow interaction between the audience
and presenter.
More and more businesses have
discovered the advantages that webinars
have to offer and have started offering
them in addition to or instead of more
traditional face-to-face seminars.
What makes webinar’s so attractive to
business owners is their flexibility,
affordability, efficiency and effectiveness.
Another plus is that participants don’t have
to travel in order to attend a webinar; they
can learn from their office or in the
comfort of their homes at times that are
convenient for them.

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