Unrealistic Expectations
Internet Marketing (IM) won’t cure AIDs or make you an instant millionaire.
Many people get into Internet marketing with unrealistic expectations that
they’d never consider entertaining if it were in some other field. Just because
you don’t need to go to school for years to get a degree in Internet
marketing for you to be able to open an online business doesn’t mean that it
won’t take hard work and commitment to succeed within this arena. Like
other business endeavors, it’s going to take money and time to get started
and the results won’t be instantaneous.
Let’s take a look at some of the misconceptions that people have about
Internet marketing and place them in a more realistic context. Some of these
unrealistic expectations include the following:
 Little To No Work Involved – This may come about from the idea
that there is little physical labor or that you are working in a virtual
environment using the power of the Internet. However, as any
business owner will tell you, running your own business always takes a
lot of work to start and much more work to maintain. If you are
getting into IM to make money, consider it a full-time job to start.
 It’s Easy Money – Making money on the Internet is easier than doing
manual labor. However, the number of hours you have to devote to
learn the ins and outs is not limited to a 40-hour work week. Can you
make easy money? Yes, but often this takes years of steady progress
before you realize that dream.
 Anyone Can Do It – Anyone can hop online and build a blog, but it’s
not as simple as writing and attracting an audience. You will want to
take the role of learner in this endeavor and seek to upgrade your
skills and knowledge to exploit the power of the Internet. It’s not a
birthright that everyone has just waiting to be put to use. You have to
make a conscious decision to work at it and to keep learning.
 You Can Make Tons Of Money In One Shot – It may come as a
surprise to many people that the “tons of money” actually comes from
a number of diverse online ventures. You probably won’t make tons of
money on just one blog, although that does occasionally happen.
Instead, if you concentrate on building multiple income streams from a
variety of websites, products, and services, you’ll have a much better
chance of striking it rich later on.

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