It’s pretty safe to say that no one has a truly ‘perfect’ family. Most of us have at least one relative that we don’t really want to introduce our friends to: Auntie Rose, who hits the cooking sherry on Thanksgiving Day and is singing Italian operas by noon, or Cousin Louie, who doesn’t seem to have a verbal filter when it comes to age and gender appropriate jokes.

As embarrassing as the family might be at times – it’s still within the range of normal behavior. Or at least a somewhat loose definition of normal.

These are the relatives that put the ‘fun’ into dysfunctional, as the saying goes. But truly dysfunctional behavior goes beyond tolerable and forgivable actions, and into the realm of causing damage: physical, emotional or both.

Growing up in a truly dysfunctional family can have a life-long effect on your self-esteem and life choices.


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