• A webinar is an online seminar or workshop delivered over the internet.
• Host organizes event and invites attendees.
• At the scheduled time, host and attendees log into the webinar hosting provider (like GoToWebinar.)
• Webinars are “synchronous” – everyone views at the same time.


PLR License:

[Yes] Can be sold
[Yes] Can be offered as a bonus
[Yes] Can be included in “free” membership sites
[Yes] Can be included in “paid” membership sites
[Yes] Can be combined with other offers
[Yes] Can be used to create a DVD or CD
[Yes] Can be given away free (See exceptions below)
[Yes] Can offer as a bonus
[Yes] Can be edited
[Yes] Can be used as a part of another product
[Yes] Can claim yourself as the author
[No] Can be used as free web content
[No] Can be given away as a standalone product on the Warrior Forum
[No] Can be given away in JV giveaways