If you are wondering why your earnings from your email marketing efforts are so low, I may have found an answer for you…

The general rule of thumb for e-mail marketers is that every name of the email list is worth at least a dollar each, but are you getting that conversion?

If you are not getting that, what is wrong? Does the problem lies on the traffic source? Or the
squeeze page? Or the follow-up emails?

These are the same problems that I have. But I could not put my fingers on the pulse and figure what which part of the sales funnel was wrong.

That is until I came across Massive Buyers List.

I must say that this video course really opened my eyes to the many mistakes that I have been doing…..and until I went through the course, I was not even aware that I was making them.

I found out that it is not good enough to just slap into a funnel a squeeze page and follow-up emails and hope that they convert subscribers into buyers.

Each piece of the funnel has to work well by itself and also integrate effectively with the other parts.

The creator of the course takes the effort to go through every step of this process and highlights the right way of making that part work for you. This video course is truly comprehensive with 10 modules.

A clear example is the squeeze page. Now I know what I must do to increase my opt-in rate up to 56%.

Mine is currently running at about 30% and I was happy about it….that is until I see what I need to do to improve it even further.

The other part of the course that I really benefited from is the steps taken to increase the sales conversion of my follow-up emails. Again, I thought I was doing all right but with a little tweak, I was able to improve the sales conversion of these emails.

Through this comprehensive course, I understand now that the key element to be successful in e-mail marketing is effectiveness.

If you know how to design effective squeeze pages and craft effective e-mails, then you are able to increase the sales conversion of your e-mails.

In conclusion, if you are looking to improve every part of your e-mail marketing effort, you must check out this Massive Buyer List Course. Every aspect of your effort will be examined and I am sure you will find areas of improvement that will make your efforts more effective.

Just like what it has done for me.


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