This is a 6 part video series.

Once you have a mailing list, you immediately have your own personal cache of people you can sell products to.

Of course, the greater and more targeted the list, the better the results. And the result you’re ultimately shooting for is more income.

Not that you’re going to use your mailing list as a consistent and exclusive sales machine. That would be deadly.

You entirely MUST keep a fair balance between sales pitches and quality information… or you’ll sabotage ALL your efforts!
It’s Not The SIZE Of The List That Matters…
It’s HOW You Use It!
If you send out too multiple blatant “buy this now” messages, you’ll lose the trust and support of everyone on your mailing list.

If you send out too much free information through an generalized period of time, you might just alienate your subscribers when you do finally publicize any form of product to them.

That’s where balance comes into play.

You require to send quality information and advice free of charge. But you also require to incorporate marketing messages that are relevant to that information.

Get this wrong and you’ll have a extremely hard time making a living from all your difficult work!

Your aspiration should be to determine a solid and trustworthy relationship with your subscribers…

Then you can make cash with each and every promotional email you send, ANYTIME you wish to!

But how do you create this relationship? And is it complicated to do?

I Have A Confession To Make…
In the beginning, I had NO idea how to communicate effectively with my list.

Like many marketers, I’m guilty of sending TOO many promotional emails and not enough free, valuable content.

It’s an easy habit to fall into… and it can be difficult to recover from.

It’s MUCH better to get this right when starting out, so you can build rapport with your subscribers…

Otherwise, you’ll end up with A LOT of unsubscribes and poor open rates!

And that’s the last thing you want.

So, please treat your list with RESPECT and ALWAYS provide VALUE.

Now it’s time to build your list, but not just ANY list…


PLR License

You’re limited only by your own imagination, so this is NOT a comprehensive list, but some of the things you can do include:

Sell the product and keep 100% of the profits

Put your name on the product as the author

Put your links in the product

Edit the product and turn it into something new

Sell Resale Rights, Master Resale Rights, or even Private Label Rights

Add the products to a membership

Create your own bundles, or sell them in one big bundle

Use them as bonuses for affiliate offers

Add them to your existing products

Give them away to build opt-in email lists

Publish and sell them offline, or in other formats

Translate and sell them in other languages

And so much more!