Keyword Swipe and Instant Blog and Ping software.



This Package Provides you with

-Keyword Swipe and Instant Blog and Ping software

-Exclusive Resale Rights to sell Both Pieces of Software from Your website at any given price

– 2 Sales Letters which you can use on your domain
You will need to change the reference in the disclaimer, privacy Policy and Terms of Use to reflect your domain details and contact details

-The Source Code to both pieces of software, which you can alter, change, redevelop as you like.

-Programmer COntact Details for Both Applications. They are in the text files.

Tip1: I advise you strongly to work with these guys and not anyone else, the reason is they designed the applications from the ground up and have a strong grasp on making changes. What could take them 5 mins to do, might take another developer weeks as they have to break it apart and figure out how it all works.

Tip2: If you want to make the application completley yours in everyway, be sure to have the programmers change the About sections of the software, to reflect your website domain, and support details.

Tip 3: Nice thing about knowing these 2 programming companies is that, you now have 2 new resources which you can use if you want to create a new piece of software from these existing pieces of software or from the ground up and your a little wary of paying someone you dont know. These companies are trust worthy, reliable and hard working especially ISF

Tip 4: I have included with the keywordswipe sales letter the 3 flash videos but I would advise you to watch them, then create your own versions of them, to make it completely yours.


If you do no change the about or support sections within the software or make it clear to your customers that you will be offering support for the software, they may try to contact the support emails at instantblogandping or keywordswipe websites.

They wont be able to get through to anyone as these emails will no longer be active. So if your wanting to build up a strong client base I suggest you contact aamir or farhan ( programmers ) and have them make a quick change to the software to reflect your domain, email and company name. If you choose not to do this.. Be Sure to Place clearly on your webpage and on your thankyou page Your contact details..and explain that is the only way they will get support

If I receive any questions for your customers I will direct them back to the site they purchased from.

All Support questions for this software will be handled by you, if you dont know the answers, check the help guide or contact the programmers. If you encounter any bugs, contact the programmers.

I have already made them aware that you may be contact them for further work, their fees are very reasonable and you will need to send them the source code you have got now.

Any questions regarding the software, how its used, and more please refer to the help guide or the programmers.

Support from myself is not part of the package, as you now own full rights to the software.

Thank You.