The first option has the capability of generating a lot of money. It’s not guaranteed, mind you. But it does allow for a sizeable chunk of cash to manifest itself in the shortest period of time.
What you do is create a vast number of websites that are based on specific niche markets (for example, pets, health, fitness, finance, sports, real estate, gaming).
You generate a list of keywords that are related to whatever topic (or topics) you’ve chosen, terms that are actively and generously searched for each month.

PLR License

[Yes] Products may be sold separately
[Yes] Products may be bundled
[Yes] Products can be a bonus for another product
[Yes] Can be added to paid membership sites
[Yes] Can add bonuses to the Product(s) for sale
[Yes] Can be sold as a physical product
[Yes] Can be sold as a digital product
[Yes] You may put your own name on the sales letter
[Yes] You may rename the Products
[Yes] You may edit the sales material
[Yes] You may edit the content of the product
[Yes] You may use the source code to create new products
[Yes] Can be added to free membership sites
[Yes] Can be given away for free
[Yes] Can sell Resale Rights
[Yes] Can sell Master Resale Rights
[Yes] Can sell Private Label Rights