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What we will cover in this guide:
● The components of a truly automated email funnel
● Why an automated funnel is so important to your business and
success online.
● Content emails and why they are so important to keeping your
subscribers engaged and opening.
● How to get started implementing this guide right away.
● And a whole lot more!

The Components Of A Truly Automated Email
There are a lot of components to an automated funnel. It can be hard
to grasp at first but these pieces all fit together to form a well oiled
machine that make money for you day and day out. So let’s look at the
key pieces to an automated email funnel:

  1. The two lists. This is super important. You’re automated funnel
    should consist of two lists. One that has your free leads known as
    the freebie list. The second list is your buyers list. This is your hot
    list of leads that have made a purchase from you. It’s super
    important to separate your leads for your promotions.
  2. Promotional Campaigns. Next you have your promotional
    campaigns that promote products inside of your funnel. These
    campaigns are 3 to 5 day sequences promoting different offers in
    your funnel such as your segmentation offer, core offer, and
    front-end products.
  3. Content Campaigns. These are campaigns mixed in with your
    promotional campaigns that deliver pure value and no
    promotions. These are designed to keep your subscribers opening
    your emails and engaged. They also help with building trust with
    your list.
  4. The last component of the automated funnel is automations.
    These are your autoresponders ability to automate emails and
    move subscribers from your freebie list to your buyers list when
    someone buys.

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